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Guideline for the Management of the Laboratory Animal Center

National Health Research Institutes

Announced on May 12, 2006

General Principles

  1. The Guidelines are established by the National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) for the efficient operation and utilization of the Laboratory Animal Center (LAC) and assure the safety of the LAC staff, the researchers, and the laboratory animals .
  2. Administrative Scope: Laboratory Animal Center Located in B1 and B2 of the Research Building ?II at the Zhunan Campus


The person who wishes to use the LAC space shall follow the regulations of the LAC said to apply, to use, and to pay for fees required.

  1. The user shall submit an animal use protocol approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) of NHRI prior to the application for the use of LAC space. The user shall also use the LAC facility based on the scope and procedures approved in the animal use protocol.
  2. The user shall conduct and finish the research work within the time period allocated. If the allocated time needs to be changed or extended, another application form shall be submitted for approval.
  3. The users are not allowed to move instrument or equipment in or out of LAC without LAC’s permission.
  4. The instrument or equipment permitted to be moved in or out of LAC shall be moved out immediately after the experiment is completed. It can not occupy the LAC space but can be temporarily placed in the area designated by LAC.
  5. The LAC space can be arranged and designed for specific research needs and for particular equipment to provide needing uses to NHRI researchers.
  6. The user shall clear and clean all the used space by the end of the animal experiment to avoid a conflict of the rights and the interests of the other users.
    Any application for extension of uses shall be submitted 7 calendar days ahead.
  7. The user and the LAC staff shall comply with the Standard Operation Procedures of LAC.
  8. The user and the LAC staff shall comply with the NHRI regulations on access control, security, and waste disposal.
  9. For more information and the procedure for ordering animals, please visit tw.
The user fees related to animal handling and holding and the LAC operation procedures are documented else where.
The plan and operation procedure for emergency conditions are documented else where.

Violation Penalties

In the event of any violation against the Guideline and/or the regulations related to the uses of animals, a warning notice will be issued and/or the right for the uses of the facility will be terminated. In the event of animal abuse or violation of the Animal Protection Act, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) will be notified for further actions.
This Guideline is effective upon announcement after the approval by the Directors’ Meeting and the final authorization by the President of NHRI. Any amendment follows the same mechanism of approved.


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